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Nha Trang things to do

Nha Trang City is a coastal city that’s located on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Nha Trang has beautiful and clean beaches and many tourists go scuba diving when they visit Nha Trang City.  This city also has numerous backpackers and wealthy tourists who frequent this section of Vietnam. 500,000 people live in Nha Trang City and this city has a dry season between January and August, and a wet season between September and December. Between the 17th and  19th century, Nha Trang City had mostly wildlife  until the 1920s, when the French government declared this city an urban area. Since that time Nha Trang City has economically thrived on tourism and there is new development ...

THE NAM HAI RESORT – Proud of Vietnam Tourism

The Nam Hai Resort Highlights International standard 5 *: THE NAM HAI RESORT is a beautifully designed resort and also has the highest room rates in Vietnam with the excellent service. THE NAM HAI RESORT Travel and Leisure Magazine (U.S.) prize awarded to public tours of the beautiful architecture in 2008 with the decision of a panel of seven experts in the design industry. Be tourism website Globorati voted one of 10 top romantic hotels for couples. Named in the “It List”, a referral list of leading hotels. Award nearest THE NAM HAI RESORT is voted by customers to No. 1 in Top 25 Leisure Hotels & Resorts (with Metropole Hanoi) survey of Smart Travel Asia magazine ...

New 7 Wonders

According to the New7Wonders website, according to the first tally, 7 new wonders of the world including the Amazon jungle in South America, Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, Iguazu falls in Argentina and Brazil, Jeju Island – Korea- Komodo National Park – Indonesia, Puerto underground river Pricesa – Philippines and South Africa Table Mountain. The above results are sorted by alphabetical order, not order elected. According to this site may change between the period of temporary victory, as well as the wonders of final victory. Controlling the votes are being tested, validated and verified independently. Wonders of the final victory will be published early in 2012, the official ...

Vietnam Vacation: Top 5 Expensive Vietnam Beach Resorts 2011

The Year 2011 is coming to an end , it is time to summary of good things in 2011 to prepare for Vietnam Vacation 2012. This post will highlight the top 5 most expensive five star Vietnam Beach Resorts in 2011. These Resorts need to pass below requirement to be in this top 5 Expensive Five Star  Vietnam Beach Resorts 2011: All Vietnam Beach Resorts is Five Star Beach Resorts These Expensive Five Star  Vietnam Beach Resorts have to passed price range at $300/night Customers never wrong ! Resorts must passed 4.0 points by members ; 7.5 points by customers Sources: Resorts Information : from Resort’s official website Price check Source :; ...

Nha Trang Nightlife – The popular nightclubs in Nha Trang Beach

There are numerous bars and nightclubs for your Nha Trang Nightlife!, the most popular ones amongst them being Altitude,Sailing Club, Nha Trang, Czay Kim Bar, Guava…. . With these options, you certainly wouldn’t need to worry about the things to do in Nha Trang after dusk sets in. Below is the list of popular bar and club for Nha Trang Nightlife I have collected from Altitude Sheraton, 28th floor Sheraton Hotel. 4PM to 10PM. For a great view of Nha Trang at night, perhaps visit the highest bar in Nha Trang. Heineken costs 70,000 dong. My Sheraton Nha Trang hotel Review . Bar Oz, 26b tran quang khai street, ☎ 058.6252046. Popular small bar and restaurant in ...
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[wptabs style="black-tie" effect="slide"] [wptabcontent] This Page is a Introduce of Mia Nha Trang Resort . Click Below If You Are Looking For : Discount rate of NHA TRANG HOTELS & RESORTS [/wptabcontent] [/wptabs] Mia Nha Trang Resort Highlight: Mia Nha Trang Resort is  5 star standards Location: Where the mountains meet the majestic mix with blue sky, the convergence of pristine white sand and blue waters cool – Mia Nha Trang resort, a perfect paradise resort one of a kind of the tropics. The Resort consists of 50 rooms are divided into two main categories – Luxury Condos and Villas, fully furnished Good vision coverage surrounding sea Restaurant Sandals – Mia’s ...

The World Best travel Websites

From travel reviews and hotel bookings to couch swapping and travelling with pets, a sane guide for insane surfers on the road in Asia. by Andres Mora and Kanishk Verghese IT IS FOUR in the morning, and we’ve rushed to Barcelona Girona Airport only to find that the flight has been delayed, further delayed, and then spoken of no more. With 16 hours to kill and heavy check-in bags, it is difficult to leave the airport, let alone waddle to the counter. The information desk assures us it is worthwhile to explore Girona’s old historic quarters. She is sadly mistaken. After hours of sitting on a bus and dragging our impedimenta aimlessly through a supposedly “picturesque” neighbourhood, ...

Nha Trang Beach introduce new hotel deals search system

Welcome to the new hotel search engine that combines all hotel deals, from all major travel websites into one free, quick and easy search. After few months in testing , we are happy to introduce our hotel search engine . This system allows you to easily search room availability and rates from all major travel website at the same time. Instantly compare hotel details, rates, availability and taxes from such websites as,,,, (and many more) all in one set of search results. This is real time saver . Try it for Free now!  Nha Trang Hotels Search

REVIEWS: Novotel Nha Trang- Good, Annoying and the Tips

This Page is a Novotel Nha Trang Hotel Review . Click Below If You Are Looking For : Discount rate of Novotel Nha Trang Hotel About Novotel Nha Trang Hotels Novotel Nha Trang is stretched along the coast with fine white sand, blue water with blue sky blend together to create a romantic setting. Tourists come to Novotel Nha Trang to enjoy the paradise of Nha Trang Beach and the luxury of Western Style Hotel . Novotel Nha Trang include 154 rooms are elegantly designed, modern in Nha Trang Bay and overlooking the sea. With amenities that meet 4 star standard, cozy and quiet. Not only does the large balcony you can direct your vision to the sea. Hear the waves were all clapping, the cool breeze ...
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Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang : Marriage by the Sea

A romantic wedding and a sweet honeymoon on the beach await at this five-star secluded bungalow resort by the sea. Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang offers newlyweds the opportunity to join their lives together in a beautiful natural setting that combines impeccable service with the firm’s unique organizational capacity and ideal location. Whether yours is meant to be a traditional Vietnamese ceremony or a western style-event, expert consultants are on hand to provide you with the best ideas. The resort is conveniently located near the shopping hotspots, points of interest and exciting nightlife destinations. Welcoming you, your friends and your family is the resort’s warm and smilling ...
Michelia Hotel Nha Trang Front

Michelia Nha Trang Hotel Review

This Page is a Michelia Nha Trang Hotel Review . Click Below If You Are Looking For : Discount rate of Michelia Nha Trang Hotel Michelia Nha Trang Hotel on Why Michelia Nha Trang Hotel ? If you searching several online booking website such as;… you will see Michelia Nha Trang Hotel is the top selling hotels in Nha Trang Beach. Why this four star hotels is so popular? This post will review Michelia Nha Trang Hotel, hope it can give you some idea to chose suitable hotel in Nha Trang. Summary of Michelia Nha Trang Hotel : Lowest Rate: $56++ ( included 5% discount on Location: a bit far away from Nha Trang tourist area Service: Top service ...
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Vinpearl Resort – Paradise of Nha Trang Vietnam

Vinpearl Resort is a complex five-star tourist entertainment, world class, but the contemporary of the place did not lose the wild beauty, charm of an island gem. Hon Tre Island Nha Trang Bay’s largest, broad 3.000ha. Now, Hon Tre has become a popular resort Nha Trang with the longest cable car system water (3.320m, linking ecological tourist area of Phu Quy with Hon Tre island). Located on the beautiful island of Hon Tre Nha Trang blue sea, white sand, sun, Vinpearl Land Resort known as tourist paradise of Vietnam. Vinpearl Resort – Resort for Family Vacation In Vinpearl Resort , the modern Western  used in the main interior structure, manner and form of service, operation … ...

Diving in Nha Trang Beach explored the underwater world

Hon Mun, Nha Trang is the best diving in Vietnam today. Many visitors to the coastal city of Nha Trang can not miss snorkeling tour, here’s how to explore the beautiful underwater world. In many countries with rich marine ecosystems in the world, scuba diving is a popular hobby fun, even in Vietnam, form of travel or scuba diving in Nha Trang on Cu Lao Cham, Quang Nam is also attracting many visitors. If you want to participate in scuba diving tour, visitors can register at any office in the city of Nha Trang with the fare 45 USD for people who do not have a dive and 20 USD for people who are using. Each person will be diving for 30 minutes to 50 minutes depending on fitness. The visitors ...

Best Resorts in Nha Trang Beach for Luxury Honeymoon

Having what feels like a never-ending collection of high end resorts, those planning on luxury honeymoons to Nha Trang Beach often find it a challenge to decide where they want to stay. We’ve taken a look at the huge range of Resorts in Nha Trang Beach on offer and come up with our choice of the best five resorts to head to on a honeymoon. And, with resorts spread across the city in locations such as Ninh Van Bay, Hon Tam Island,Hon Tre Island, it doesn’t matter what your preference is, there is a resort on this list perfect for you. An Lam Ninh Van Bay Resorts in Nha Trang Beach An Lam Ninh Van Bay resort is located in Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang Beach along the sea, 1.5 km long coastline. ...

When to go Nha Trang? The Nha Trang Weather guide

Nha Trang sees beautiful weather from February through October, and the only drawback to the other months of the year is that winter is the rainy season in the area.  The temperatures are moderate throughout the year, staying somewhere between an average low of sixty five degrees (18° C) and an average high of eighty five degrees (30° C) .  It should be noted that the summer months can get quite humid, so travelers not used to humidity may want to plan on avoiding the hottest months of the year (July and August). Visitors seeking to spend time on the beaches will find that they can do so as early as February.  In fact, the best diving in the area is generally considered to be during ...
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